Employers/Consultants Tips:

1. Please go through the Department List and select the
    CORRECT one, as per the job background. If you do not     find a correct Department, PLEASE write to us, we try to     add it immediately on request, or tell you the best option.     The candidates search and apply on the basis of the     Department and Post you have mentioned. If these
    details are not clear, you may not get responses from the     right candidates.
2. Also be very careful of the Post/Designation that you write
    – it should be representative of job role and the sector the     job is in.
3. You will be able to search for candidates based on some     keywords. This is a paid service.
4. You can send more SMS for any job you have created. You     can do this once a day ONLY, for every job you have     created. We are aggressively advertising and more and     more candidates are registering every day.
5. Please deactivate jobs if the positions are closed. They can     be activated again.
6. You can mention WFH for Posts/Designations where you     are open to recruiting people working from home.

Candidates Tips :

1. Please go through the Department List and select the
    CORRECT one, as per your background. Otherwise job     openings that you get (by SMS), may not be as per your     liking.
2. Share a realistic salary – 10GenJobs does NOT share this     information with the HR or consultants. The lower the     salary you put the higher number of job openings you     will get. You can always negotiate for a better salary during     your interview.
3. You are sent information about job openings (as per your     profile) by SMS. Please go through them and RESPOND.     If you do not respond you might miss the chance, even in     a large company.
4. You can also search and find more details about jobs     (based on location, Department, Posts, etc). You
    should RESPOND to this information by
     calling/emailing/walk-in as mentioned in the SMS. (Search     and Apply is a paid service).
5. The HR will NOT reach/call you. YOU have to reach out. If     you are looking for a job, you have to reach people. That     does NOT reduce the value of your CV, rather you are seen     as a self-driven, determined and focused person.
6. It is suggested that you login at least once a week and     check SMS Received section. You may not have received     the SMS about Job Openings because of mobile     connectivity.
7. You may also get SMS periodically from 10GenJobs. Follow
    the suggestions.
8. Fill the comment box as suggested ONLY. Do NOT leave it     blank. HR can search your comments and reach out to you.
9. Review your profile periodically – possibly once a month, if     you are aggressively looking for a job.
10. Any Post which mentions WFH – means work from home     is allowed.